University Parking Operations

University Event ParkingUniversities often have the dilemma of determining how to best handle special events on campus. Campus move-in and move-out, graduation ceremonies, sporting events, and other special events attracting a high volume of campus vehicles represent examples of a number of planning challenges. Knowledge of how best to accommodate the parking demand associated with each event and how to assemble a trained staff to implement an operational plan are frequently among the challenges. McLaurin Parking Company has solved these problems for colleges and universities for over 25 years.

A trained staff of professionals with on-site management from McLaurin Parking Company provides unparalleled service for accommodating visitors and presenting the college or university as an organized campus. Senior management from McLaurin works with university officials in developing the optimal plan for accommodation. Our extensive experience offers the university options of how best to meet their special event goals. The details of plan execution and service delivery ensure a seamless operation. Our costs are centered on the campus event — with no over-time cost or occasions of over-extending university staff reassigned from other duties.

McLaurin Parking Company can provide parking management services for any university special event or high traffic demand occasion. Whether the dilemma is a one-time event or a re-occurring series of events, the professional service and economic advantages of using the McLaurin Team for solving the special event challenge will present success for any college or university.