Special Event Parking

Special event parking in RaleighSpecial Events usually call for special arrangements to accommodate a heavy spike of arriving guests or patrons. While the circumstance of a high volume of patrons at a designated site by a specific start time has potential for a nightmare, McLaurin Parking Company can insure special event parking is a dream.
From weddings to university sporting events, private parties to official functions, to situations that have not yet been envisioned, we are dedicated to providing for your transportation, parking, and other event related needs. We have the flexibility to respond to the unique needs of each event, and we’re not afraid to think outside the box.

Our company has over forty years of special event parking and transportation experience. Our managers and working staff are specifically trained to meet the needs for special event parking and traffic management, and we have demonstrated professional measures for delivering “on time” parking and shuttle services. From small private events to mammoth stadium events and everything in between, McLaurin successfully provides traffic management, parking, and shuttle services with an emphasis on safety and customer service.

We have experience in both developing and implementing operations in everything from traffic direction, parking absorption and vehicle alignment, pedestrian flows, and even coat check services. Our staff is led by highly trained on-site managers who communicate and implement a coordinated traffic and parking plan. A full-service management firm, McLaurin Parking Company provides all necessary equipment including but not limited to directional signs, parking tickets, uniforms for working staff, coned flashlights, working change, auditing procedures for all staff, and site specific traffic and parking plans tailored for each venue of assigned work.

We have developed traffic and parking plans for large venue sites from Washington State to Washington, D.C, Miami to Philadelphia, and Little Rock to San Antonio. Our reputation for success is unparalleled in the area of Special Event Parking and Traffic Operations.

When considering your parking challenge, consider the answer to your challenge is McLaurin Parking Company. We are determined that your guests experience a seamless parking or shuttle operation to the extent of focusing on the reason for their arrival to the event site. We seek to make their travel a forgettable experience – so the guests and patrons can focus on their experience at your venue and the reason for their arrival.

If you are interested in McLaurin Parking’s special event parking services, please fill out the request form for a prompt reply and quote from us.