Traffic Control Operations

McLaurin Parking’s extensive background with special event parking management has birthed the company’s mission that parking at event venues is a “forgettable” experience for patrons. Traffic Control Operations is an extension of that mission. Trained by a certified company trainer, our traffic control officers, or “TCO’s” are trained on the basics of traffic control in our office. They are then put through a certification course with the local Police Department jurisdiction that is renewed at most every two years. This certification allows McLaurin employees to work alongside police in the street directing traffic at special events in the area. This component serves a dual purpose: it allows our parking operations to work closely with traffic operations so that cars can be seamlessly turned into the next best parking option, and it allows police from the local jurisdiction where we work to focus primarily on security at the event rather than traffic operations.

The Raleigh Police Department has been a fantastic partner in working to train our officers to keep with NC G.S. 20-114.1.

RPD training 8.15.15

Sergeant Brinn going over proper traffic signals

Sergeant Brinn going over proper traffic signals


Our operations at the High Point Furniture market allow McLaurin’s TCO’s to focus on the increase of traffic in the bus terminal area while local police forces can shift their primary focus to security of all visitors to the city.


Officers directing traffic into the Bus Terminal at Wrenn & Commerce in High Point, NC.


McLaurin Parking Company’s Traffic Control Operations is another step in making parking at your special event venue more efficient for your patrons. We are willing to meet with other local police jurisdictions to gain approval for similar operations in new locations. Call us today at 919-833-7522 to see if Traffic Control will help your special event parking needs.