Municipal Operations

 Moore Square Parking Deck EntranceThe combination of over 60 years experience, cutting-edge technology, and an innovative management team offer superior advantages for Municipalities or private landowners. Our management techniques insure all parking staff exhibits the highest level of customer service. Validation parking programs offer businesses to enhance their own customer service initiatives. Attention to detail is a company standard in providing quality, cleanliness, attention to customer requests, and advance planning in both daily and monthly parking operations.

On-street parking operations by McLaurin Parking Company offer twenty years of experience in enforcement and trained ambassadors for downtown pedestrian assistance. Collection of issued citations is also provided by the firm with a collection rate exceeding 80% for issued citations.

Staff training is foremost upon the realization of McLaurin Parking Company standard in vehicle accommodation, but we are actually parking-people. Our interaction with each customer can brighten the beginning of the day or boost the energy level at the end of the day. We embrace the fact that we are truly in the business of customer service.

McLaurin can also take an inefficient lot and suggest improvements for greater effectiveness. Some of these solutions include reorganizing areas to include the number of parking spaces, landscaping and area lighting, and re-designing entry/exit lanes. Often we’ll use surveys and customer interviews to accumulate data and make sure public concerns are met.

To ensure that all of our lots run smoothly, we utilize the latest technology. Our company-wide network of computer programs monitor all of our facilities, helping us to effectively manage sites and create audit trails that are the finest in the business.

We understand parking customers, municipalities, and private landowners can choose many options in determining how best to address their parking challenge. It is our goal to demonstrate through our management techniques, technological innovations, and superior customer service, that parking with McLaurin becomes a dream.