McLaurin Transportation

McLaurin TransportationToo many times event planners or assigned staffers underestimate the magnitude of a special event and simply contract for a bus or a number of buses. At McLaurin, we understand the elements and complexities required in making a successful event.

Among our areas of expertise is planning transportation systems for large events. From airports, hotels, park and ride, and from a variety of points of origin, our senior planners provide the highest level of successful experience. Customer service is the hallmark of our company and what could be projected as just a simple bus ride can be transformed into a service amenity for your overall event.

We understand each detail and develop methods that enhance the customer experience. Technology, company-owned buses, extensive experience, and relationships with a cadre of motor coach companies all serve to support the superior management efforts of McLaurin. With a stable of transportation units including trams, mini-buses, transit buses, and wheel-chair accessible vehicles, we can tailor our service to match your event.Shuttle Service at High Point Furniture Mart

In Transportation Planning, we have successful experience in developing detailed operational plans providing for park and ride operations, scheduled service from airports to hotels or hotels to convention sites, and a variety of special events. We understand potential challenges in transportation and answer the call with stellar service.

The operating standard for McLaurin Transportation is to benefit the event by offering of exemplary service far beyond expectations.