About McLaurin

At McLaurin, we view parking as a complex issue, one with as many possibilities as there are parking spots. As a result, we analyze each problem thoroughly and in great detail! And we strive to ensure that the best solution is reached for your needs.

With over sixty years in the business, McLaurin has developed a stellar reputation for managing, creating, and building parking solutions. Depending on the need, we have supplied everything from the basic analysis of traffic flow to the architecture, construction, and personnel needed for large scale garages.

From special events to daily garage maintenance, McLaurin has the experience, the knowledge, and the contacts to make it happen. The solutions we create are filled with more than just cars. They house powerful ideas.


Our History

William L. (Bill) McLaurin returned home from WWII realizing he needed a college education. Taking advantage of the GI Bill of 1946, he entered the University of North Carolina and began working as a parking attendant in Downtown Raleigh. Eighteen months later, upon the departure of the parking lot manager and the lot owner not knowing what to do, Bill McLaurin decided to use his hard-working reputation as the catalyst to lease the parking lot. Striking a deal with the property owner, McLaurin Parking Company was born.

First Lot Managed by McLaurin Parking

Over the course of over 60 years, McLaurin Parking Company has grown into one of the largest and most highly regarded parking firms in the Southeastern United States. Providing professional parking management services for municipalities, hospitals, universities, and special events, a reputation of integrity and superior performance has been the standard for the firm. The culture of the firm created by Bill McLaurin continues today with over 50,000 parking spaces managed by a management and line staff team of professionals who enjoy their work. Many McLaurin employees remain with the firm until retirement.

Special Event Parking Management, Transportation Management, and Parking Consulting have grown with the success of the firm. McLaurin Parking Company solves parking and transportation problems on a level of success far beyond the competition. Remaining a private firm with a team of senior managers that include 2nd and 3rd generation McLaurin Family professionals, an emphasis on quality is maintained. Perhaps the greatest testimony of the strong relationships enjoyed by McLaurin Parking Company and its clients is the fact the first parking lot remains a parking operation the company leases from the same family Bill McLaurin began in 1947.

– Integrity – Relationships – Commitment – Involved Management – Service – Quality