Hotels and Restaurants

HotelThe key to hospitality is friendly, professional service welcoming people to the event and recognizing each guest’s importance. Hotels and restaurants consistently mold their services around this concept. It is what makes them successful, and in turn, what makes their partnership with McLaurin so strong.

McLaurin Parking understands how the core of our services must focus on customer service and hospitality. Our partnership with hotels is centered on providing valet services that help promote the hotel’s image of outstanding hospitality.

Restaurants have seen how our valet services can be adapted to their needs. From daily operations to large functions, we can adjust our provided services to the client’s needs so that both parties may work together to provide the highest level of service to guests.

In addition to valet services, McLaurin offers organized and efficient coat check services. Our friendly and courteous staff is capable of handling coat checks of any size. Much like taking care of one’s personal vehicle, McLaurin staff takes great care of the personal items your guests may leave at a coat check for an event.

If you are interested in McLaurin Parking providing valet and/or coat check services, please fill out the request form for a prompt reply and quote from us.