Certified Traffic Control Officers


Sergeant Brinn going over proper traffic signals

On Saturday, May 21, 2011, twenty six traffic officers completed the certification class given by the Raleigh Police Department. This training course allows McLaurin’s traffic officers to work alongside police officials to legally assist with traffic control and safety during special events. Special thanks to Sergeant Ethan Brinn with the Raleigh Police Department for helping McLaurin’s officers complete their training!


McLaurin Parking Company is proud to offer traffic control as part of our special event parking services.  Over the course of twelve years, we have worked with local jurisdictions to become certified in traffic control and direction. It is our goal to not only train traffic officers to work alongside police in an official capacity, but to also recruit and train individuals who will become a representation of the City of Raleigh during special events.


The classroom portion of traffic control certification training